Letter from Mr. Dupey

Dear CCS Family,

We all MISS you and your children so much! We continue to pray for all of our wonderful children, as well as you. HEALTH and SAFETY are the most important things in our lives at this time. Please READ these important messages:

1. TUITION: PLEASE do not bring in April tuition to the school. We may or may not be there. Also, we have construction workers painting and sanding in the building. And, lastly we want you to be SAFE!!

2. MAIL: The mail is still extremely efficient and reliable. PLEASE mail your tuition to us! The mailing address is as follows:
6439 North 4th Street
Dalton Gardens, ID 83815

3. FACEBOOK: We need your help. We have our special CCS Facebook page that we want you all to start using as often possible as possible for :
-Happy Thoughts
-Encouraging words
-Pictures of what your child might be having fun doing
-Pictures of BIRDS, DEER, RABBITS, TURKEYS,DOGS, CATS, ETC. (Well, you get the point)
Post songs, places you go, lake scenes, yard scenes, etc.

4. Where do you find this page?

a. Go to CDAChristianSchoolFamilyGroup
b. HIT Search
d. Begin POSTING things for us!

5. Student Assignments

a. Student assignments will be ready Monday.
b. We will be sending out another letter on how to pick the packets up.
c. Be looking for this letter on Friday.

6. PARENTS: Thank you again for being such wonderful and supportive parents during this time. It is NOT easy for anyone. And, our praise time, Bible classes, and student
interaction is greatly missed.

We do KNOW that GOD is in control and this time is certainly a time to reflect and focus on who He really is for us!

Mr. D

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