Enrollment Information

2020-21 Fee Schedule

A Christian School’s only consistent income from month to month is tuition, and it pays only a portion of the operation of the school. The balance is made up through periodic fund raising and gifts. In order for us to pay our staff and operating expenses in a timely fashion, we must rely on your tuition payments.

Tuition Payment Policy

  • Option #1: Tuition may be paid in full for the whole year, in which case a 5% discount will be given.
  • Option #2: Ten month tuition contract with the school.

Registration Fees

Before June 15th:
K3, K4 & K5  $140
Grades 1-8  $225

After June 15th:
K3, K4, & K5  $175
Grades 1-8  $260

Yearly Tuition

K3, K4 & K5
5 half days  $2,200
2 half days and 3 full days  $2,700
5 full days  $2,950

Grades 1-6
1st child  $2,950
2nd child  $2,650
Additional children  $2,550

Grades 7-8
Registered before June 15th  $2,950
Registered after June 15th  $3,050


  • Those making full year cash payment of tuition by August 31 will receive a 5% discount.
  • Those who recruit a new student who enrolls at CCS will receive a 5% discount on their current year’s tuition for their first child.


K half days, Monday through Friday 8:25-12:00
K-8 full days, Monday through Thursday 8:25-3:00; Friday 8:25-2:00

Enrollment and release forms

More Information

If you wish to enroll your child at CCS or you have questions about enrollment, please call or visit us at:

Coeur d’Alene Christian School
6439 N. 4th St.
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815

Administrator: Dan DuPey
Secretary: Trisha Schultz