Upper Elementary Grades

Mr. Dupey is a well respected teacher and administrator.  Since 1995 he has been the principal of CCS and taught the students in the upper elementary class, giving individual instruction to students when they are struggling.  He has often said that students should be treated as Jesus would treat them, with firm guidelines, clear teachings,  but with loving guidance.  Mr. Dupey is known to students, staff and families as “Mr. D”.

The Jr. High class has an array of subjects that include Geometric Creative Writing, Unique story snapshots of History, Student Council, Bible Drama, Chapel programs and Chapel leadership, classroom subject discussion and debates, Subject related field trips and area historical hikes, Science and History research reports and school presentations.  Business Math as well as Pre – Algebra Math are requirements.  Cursive writing, Spelling , Poetry, and parts of speech in Language are all requirements for our curriculum.  French is also taught at this level.