Lower Elementary Grades

Mrs. Dupey has been a teacher at Coeur d’Alene Christian School since 1995. Her love for art is often reflected in the students projects and in her teaching style. She likes to incorporate reading buddies for additional practice.  As a Christian teacher, Mrs. Dupey shows the love of Jesus Christ to her students while showing high expectations for their learning.  Mrs. Dupey re-enforces their knowledge of treating each other with kindness and respect.


Mrs. Dupey’s Classroom

Core subjects in the lower elementary are Cursive, Language, Phonics, Math and Reading.  these subjects are usually completed before lunch.

The Computer Reading Comprehension Program enhances our reading program.  The Magic Tree House series and other chapter books give students high interest and teach Science and History in the process.

Science and History educational videos and hands-on materials add variety and make learning more interesting.

In lower elementary, Art Hub, a drawing program is used along with the teaching of Mrs. Dupey, who is also an artist. The students will do many diverse art projects.

Students will also take educational field trips that complement the curriculum…such as museums, Hands to Art, visiting local ponds and wildlife, and visiting local merchants.