CCS Staff

Ms. Stephanie Evans
Kindergarten (K3 & K4)

Mrs. Kelly White
Kindergarten (K3 & K4)

Kelly not only co-teaches with Stephanie Evans in the pre-kindergarten class, but is an artist and writer at heart.  She also uses her talent at CCS to teach art class.  

Mrs. Shelia Bucher
Kindergarten (K5) & First Grade

Mrs. Teri DuPey
First & Second Grade

Teri is a graduate of the University of New Mexico where she majored in Language. Her favorite subjects are Science and Art. She has been teaching at CCS since 1995.

Mr. Dan DuPey
School Principal & Fifth-Eighth Grade

Mr. Dupey received his AA from Spokane Falls Community College.  He enrolled in Eastern Washington University and received his BA degree in Social Work/Education.  Mr. Dupey completed his Graduate work at LaSalle Extension University.  Mr. Dupey has been the principal and taught at CCS since 1995.

Mrs. Georgette Rude
Drama & Music

An outdoors woman, gemologist and with an interest in archaeology, Georgette feels that the library is a wonderful arena to expose children to a learning adventure. With her background in acting, Georgette understands how developing a child’s talent can give them limitless possibilities!

Ms. Sandra Welch
Mrs. Trisha Schultz
Administrative Assistant