Faculty & Staff

Mrs. Shelia Bucher
Kindergarten (K4)
Mrs. Ada Rouse
Kindergarten (K3)
Mrs. Kara Shelton
Ms. Sandra Welch
Mrs. Kathy Taylor
Third & Fourth Grade
Kathy graduated from York College with her degree in Elementary Education. She has been with CCS since 1995 and has taught grades two through five. She enjoys camping, traveling, seeing new places, trying new things and spending time with her friends and family. She loves being part of the CCS family… and Diet Coke cans in the garbage drive her crazy.
Mrs. Jennifer Rude
Kindergarten (K5)
Jen has been part of the CCS family since she was a student at the school during her middle school years. She began teaching at CCS in 1996 and has taught every grade. She was also secretary for one year. Jen graduated from the University of Idaho with her degree in Elementary Education. She lives north of town with her husband (who she met at CCS) and her three children, Josh, Adam and Julianna. She loves to read, write, go for walks, and play with her family and friends.
Mrs. Georgette Rude
Drama Teacher
An outdoors woman, gemologist and with an interest in archeology, Georgette feels that the library is a wonderful arena to expose children to a learning adventure. With her background in acting, Georgette understands how developing a child’s talent can give them limitless possibilities!
Ms. Carrie Forbush
Prior to working with CCS, Carrie volunteered as an aide in the Coeur d’Alene School District. She says that working with the students directly was very challenging and rewarding, but now, as secretary, she is in her element. She’s been enjoying the best of both worlds, as she still gets to interact directly with the students.
Mrs. Teri DuPey
First & Second Grade
Teri is a graduate of the University of New Mexico where she majored in Language. Her favorite subjects are Science and Art. She has been teaching at CCS since 1995.
Mr. Dan DuPey
School Principal & Fifth-Seventh History and Bible